5 Free things to do in New York

New York is a Dynamic city with dangerously charming delicacies.
Leave no swimming pool untouched

When the city people are sweating stiflingly in the hot noon of summer, the only rescue is thought of getting dive into cool water. What else can be more soothing your body than swimming into pool. And New York offers huge Red Hook Pool situated in Brooklyn. Crazy rush of people is found there.

Be the first to enjoy boastful stroll on Brooklyn

Brooklyn Bridge can never be overlooked as it is the chief attraction in the city. Brilliantly marvelous bridge that connects Manhattan with Brooklyn is Brooklyn Bridge.
Swim as well as sing with the waves of Staten Island ferry

How can one forget to admire the great Statue of Liberty by hopping on free Staten Island fenny boat? This costs you nothing but feeds your eyes in every possible way.

Time your watch to test Times Square
Times Square is ever throbbing heart of Manhattan. This is the maximum frequently visited and most cherished point of New York. Manhattan is seriously spectacular to see.

Visit Artistic High Line
The High Line is truly artistic path to tread on. The route offers you colorful sights where the backdrop happens to be absolutely art styled murals and architecture beautifully created.


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