How to spend a week in New York?


New York is no less than a wonder in itself and spending a week can turn out to be worth spending for sure. Never Sleeping New York is a cynosure to behold. And true to its depth t is an enriching experience in itself. Dynamic city New York is full of delicacies and deadly delights.

When we think of New York, The Statue of Liberty spontaneously occurs to mind. The rare spectacular statue can be viewed by hopping on free Staten Island ferry. This landmark is worth-seeing in city New York that catches many countless eyes.

New York’s City Hall can be rightly called a great specimen of fine beauty displaying city astounding architecture and plenty of panoramic pleasantries.

Brooklyn Bridge is an appropriate place in the city from where you can feast your eyes fully and have an exquisite view of many marvelous sights. Walking on the bridge takes your tender twenty minutes in total but leaves a lasting appeal on the mind.

A free tip for the first time visitors to New York that long queues can be avoided while watching Empire State Building of the city which is the symbolic icon of New York City. Not only this, Free of cost tours can be enjoyed by the tourists to Grand Center Station only on Wednesdays.

How can one miss the most mesmerizing Times Square? Hanging out at Times square can be a desired time pass and the place is beaming with life and vivacity. This place is really the heart of the city and hearts keep on throbbing here all the time.

If you are a lover of art, you can handsomely spend your quality as well as leisure time at American Museum of Natural History. Thrilling Theatre passion can be felt at Broadway.

And lot more is there to see and spend on in the city New York. Plan a walletful package for New York for a week.


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